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We combine a strategic & creative thinking

Turnkey web solutions

Our web agency mobilizes and mutualizes the skills of its employees to create unique and designer websites like the website Les compagnons de la terre , to concoct and deliver high-performance web solutions that are already fully configured, customized, turnkey, autonomous, scalable and at the service of your digital performance.

Much more than a simple agency specialized in web design, web development and website updates, a web agency is a true partner in web and digital business.


Showcase website, e-shop, custom website… you need a high-performance website to conquer the web.

Web Marketing

Inspired by traditional marketing, cybermarketing refers to all the marketing techniques used in the web universe.


A good website, respecting the constraints linked to UX and UI design like Tropical Garden, is the result of a successful webdesign.

Mobile application

A mobile application is a tool designed and developed for different mobile operating systems: iOS, Android…


Referencing a website includes the actions that can induce search engines to position you properly: SEO, SEA, SMO …


At the core of the digital strategy, web communication allows you to boost your online sales and develop your image.

In order to guarantee your success, our intervention is synonymous with added value for your digital strategy. The main pillars on which it is based will be perfected according to the rules of art:

Social network

Optimize your presence on social networks and federate a community of users around your brand

Digital advertising

Our experts will advise you on the best advertising actions and distribution channels to use.


Optimize your content by integrating the right keywords to boost your natural referencing.


A pillar of natural referencing, semantic optimization requires special attention. It is a discipline that refers to the evaluation and optimization of your content for search engines, and of course for SEO referencing. To do this for the Interior Architect website, we make sure that your content is well optimized, structured and prioritized (tagging). Moreover, we direct you towards the right keywords that can open the doors to the first position on SERPs.

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